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We are closed from 10-04-2020 until 13-04-2020. We wish you happy Easter │ Nous sommes fermées du 10-04-2020 jusq'au 13-04-2020. Nous vous souhaitons de joyeuses fêtes de Pâques

About BdJ Imports b.v.

BdJ Imports b.v. offers specialised information on Atv (All Terrain Vehicle) including parts, accessories and sales to dealers throughout Europe. We also cover Quad Bikes and Karting information. We have been involved in the moped/motorcycle business for over 25 years and have considerable experience with all terrain vehicles.

The former owner Bert de Jong has been very successful in car-rallies and has twice been Dutch International Champion, he has been awarded in 1994 by the FIA for best european private rally driver. His son, Bob de Jong, has a car-mechanic background and is now also a rally driver.

To you, our visitor, this means our people have first hand knowledge when they talk about technical aspects of the Atv parts, accessories, products, speed and service. The Atv's pictured on our website are a small sample of the all terrain off road vehicles and quad bikes for which we can offer detailed information.