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Frequently Asked Questions

What means "homologated"?
Homologated means that these vehicles are meeting the EEC standards and are approved to use on public roads.

Can I drive a 50cc atv as a moped?
Yes, the 50cc Moped-atv can be driven as a moped, this means the cylinder-capacity may be maximum 49,9cc.

What kind of driving-license do I need?
For a Moped-atv, you may drive this from 16 years of age and you must have the so called "moped driving  certificate", or you must have a car license. For atv's with a cylinder-capacity over 50cc, everybody must be 18 years of age and must have a car-driving-license.

What kind of insurance do I need?.
For a Moped-atv you can confine with a moped/scooter insurance and you get a moped/scooter insurance plate. For atv's with a cylinder-capacity over 50cc, you must have a car license-plate with the belonging insurance.

Can I tune-up my moped-atv?
No, this is not allowed. The same rules are valid as for mopeds/scooters. If you want to tune your atv, you must follow the rules as if it is an atv over 50cc. This means the car catagory.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
Yes, this is obligatory. If it comes to safety, you never can be careful enough.

Is it easy to drive an atv?
Yes, it is not difficult, however it needs an other driving style as most of the atv's has a solid rear axle. You need to do some training in order to get rid of the understeer. Please remind; always keep both hands on the handlebar.